“I have contracted with Seth Glasser on two major renovation projects.  On both, my wife and I realized modern convenience while preserving traditional appearance through careful selection of materials. Seth’s regular project audits for safety, site cleanliness and security provided additional peace of mind.  Most importantly, because Seth thought the job through completely before work began, we avoided costly change orders, resulting in a reasonable price for the work acomplished.”
Stephen Beck, Historical Residence Homeowner

“It’s been a pleasure to join forces with Mr. Glasser’s firm over the past 20 years. From an architect’s perspective, Seth demonstrates a unique understanding and appreciation of the variables, that transcends the process.  He’s a master, producing innovative results from mixed elements.”
Ray Dovell, Architect

“Mr. Glasser is so great to work with! He has an understanding of the balance between old and new. There’s the high quality of the craftsmen in his employ, and the craftmanship of their work. Seth’s personal qualities made the renovation of our 1870’s Victorian a wonderful, shared creative experience.”
Cynthia Rosenzweig, Historical Residence Homeowner

“Working with Mr. Glasser is a pleasure because of his flexibility, thoroughness and cooperative nature. He is very detailed, and comes up with really creative solutions.”
Meg Fowler, Architect

“We originally contracted Seth Glasser to repair damages to our home caused by a broken water line. This was the beginning of a wonderful working relationship. Seth has performed renovations to both the interior and exterior of our home. His team of carpenters made various upgrades and restorations to our home that make it a perfect example of traditional meets contemporary. Seth’s attention to detail and quality is evident in every aspect of his work. It is a pleasure to work with a contractor that you can trust and who demonstrates pride in his craftsmanship. He truly shows a great love for his work!”
Liz & Marty Wortendyke